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We create websites that does not only have purpose but is also meaningful and suits your lifestyle.

You may

Have a dream? Don't know how to get it out there? or
where to start?
Want to get out of the system? or Work from anywhere in the world? or
Want to have your own schedule?

Have an existing business? now you want to start reaping the benefits of having a purposeful online presence?

Inspiration through manifest magical transformation

So you are inspired and passionate...

You love what you do or you have a passion for something and it has meaning to YOU. You are serious about reaching your goals and manifesting your dreams.

Ready to enter the online world where your mind is the only limit to your potential. You want to be empowered by having the option of updating your own website, want things to happen as soon as possible and improve your learning curve.

Get it done right the first time to give your business the best chance. Also get the best out of your website and be able to use your website to its fullest potential…


Purpose Driven

value adding investment

Virtual Marketing vehicle working for you 24/7 Increase productivity with automated activities
It can be your most powerful business tool
Expand your market Increase Income

A vital part of turning users into clients:

The very important technical side of website design.


Responsive UX

Look good on any device.
80% of internet users use mobile devices to access the web.

Lightning Fast

Loading Time effects bottom line.
Most users wait 6-10 seconds before abandoning a page!

SEO Optimized

Make sure you can be found.
8 billion websites on the web and counting…

Online is most often the first way people interact with you!

It might even be the only way.

3 Seconds to make first impression – Visually Appealing display of your business

30 Seconds to know what you offer – Clean and Simple Design, Easy Navigation, Focal Points,Clear message

3 Minutes to convert  to potential client – Transparent and authentic, Inspired or emotional connection

Our OHM Page Formula is designed especially for you to attract clients, making sure they get what you offer and what you can do for them! Creating Aha moment for both you and your clients…

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We also write books to help you!

Feel like designing your own website?

Buy the (Website Setup package) that enables you to simply add content yourself..
Buy (Setting up a WordPress Website, the Short & Sweet Guide) and learn to create a website yourself.

Our secret ingredient is YOU…!

We love what we do, and are passionate about what we can create for you and what it can be used for.

It is our pleasure to play a part in the creation and fulfillment of your dream, or to help your current business to reach new heights.

Using our business, tech and design skills to help you create, or grow your business through a technological platform. We are excited to apply and share what we have learned with you!


Leanne Schmidt CA (SA)
After working and qualifying as Chartered Accountant, she followed her dream to travel, and do something meaningful. Learning how to use the web to do this came naturally. Combining her aptitude for technology, business knowledge, love for artistic expression, and a designing obsession her passion is to help others do the same. Also being a Reiki Teacher playing a part in helping people align with their desires is in line with her own. Multiple destinations later Leanne is still traveling while being a Owner and co – owner of online business which continuously pushes her to learn more and reach higher.


Reinardt Gilfillan
A graduate of the Tshwane University of Technology, Reinardt is an all-round techie at heart. Using his tech and business skills to build online businesses is only one of the ways he expresses his passion. He is also the founder of multiple online sites, cPanel administrator, audio and visual enthusiast and tech researcher. Fulfilling one of his dreams of travelling the world, he is inspired to help others achieve theirs. Reinardt spends his free time doing video-/photography, organic gardening and keeping busy with geeky stuff like rooting his android phone from Lollypop to Kit-Kat. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the world as we know it, through technology and spirituality. So much to learn, see and do, so little time…