Business Blog Website Package

Who is this package for?

The Business blogger could be one of the below two personalities.

1. You are the Business person who would like to occasionally write an article to promote products or services to a world wide community.
2. You are the Writer who needs to supplement your income by selling recommended affiliate products or are looking to promote your own products or services like coaching, consulting, eBooks, etc.

You want to take your blog to the next level to increase your income and maybe travel the world by doing just this. You are serious about your online presence and know that a quality website done professionally will enhance your reach and give you that head-start by keeping your learning time to a minimum.

What we do for you!

We do the complete server side techie setup of your website while installing our tried and tested essential blogging plugins while creating a clean layout that users find easy to navigate.

Business Blog Website Design Package

Details about The Business Blog Website Design package

  • We include everything in the DIY Design package: Procuring your URL, installing WordPress and ensuring compression and security is enabled. (Value R1700)
  • Also including the Blogger package: Easy navigation with correct sidebar widget placement, BIO/Author page/widget, essential bloggers plugins to enhance users experience, 2 edited images with unlimited once-off upload of images (Value R700)
  • Content load up to 5 pages with menu bar allocations. (Value R1900)
  • Essential bloggers plugins to enhance readers experience to automate functions and make sharing easy, with specific business functionality plugins. (Value R900)
  • Showcase your products/services to look attractive and sell. (Value R1700)
  • We include 5 edited core images that are usually used in a slider or banner area with a once-off unlimited upload of other images to be used on your site. (Value R1100)
  • A strategy call of a total of 40 minutes via Skype, Viber or Whatsapp are included in order for us to know exactly what your plans are with your business blog. (Value R700)

Total value of the package is: R8700

Your Price: R6000+

Total price calculated on request, as design needs vary.

 Hosting costs R960 per year through us on a lightning fast VPServer!
One weekly server backup included!
You can also acquire your own web hosting.

See the optional *Backup, Support and Maintenance page.

*Required to keep your website running optimally. 

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Website Content Load

We do not write content for you, although we know you might need a little help with this we will provide you with some resources to create quality content. Remember not to copy other sites content as Google will know and give you bad rankings. 

These 5 basic pages is not set in stone but will give your website a solid structure to begin with. Pages include:

  • Home: A reader should know exactly what you offer on this page.
  • Contact Us: Clients should easily find ways to contact you.
  • About: Your readers/clients should know the real you!
  • Testimonials: Share success stories by showcasing them elegantly.
  • Products/Services: Market your product/service to sell online.

Remember, you create it, we load it!

Want to add more pages? You can either do it yourself after your website has gone live or we will load content at $35 per page.

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