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Website Analysis

Designing a Website is the easy part. Creating a Marketing vehicle that sells YOU and YOUr Service or Product 24/7 is another story all-together.

By analyzing your website and it’s content, we will not only scrutinize the placement of images, but also the use and psychology of color that impacts User Experience(UX) which ultimately influences buying behavior. 

We also look for missed marketing opportunities in either your overall content, button placement and specific wording used.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the undefeated champion in online / digital marketing.

We examine your offerings and develop a strategy to reach your existing / new clients in a refreshing & creative way.
We are very meticulous about the campaigns we send out. Ensuring to reach your subscribers, we analyze previous behavior & formulate strategies.
Automation is a very powerful tool when it comes to email marketing. It is very useful in gathering important detailed customer profiles  to create targeted marketing campaigns. If used correctly, email automation can also speed up the sales process and repetitive tasks that would usually require human time.

Service / Product Development

We pride ourselves as being “new idea machines“, meaning that we are seriously good at brainstorming and coming up with new and very creative products and or services that fits your business and personality.

From Idea to Launch
We are happy to be part of the complete process.
From the Idea phase, defining the service/product to find the sweet spot.
Developing, Designing or Branding, to the Launch of the new Service or Product with e-mail sales automation & setup.

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