DIY Design Website Package

The DIY Design Website package is for the person who wants to design their own website, and not master the server setup.

This can be for someone who already knows WordPress or a newcomer to this brilliant Content Management Software. Everyone loves designing with WordPress, it is the fastest growing CMS used today, even search engines like Google loves it and yes they said it!

WordPress is fairly easy to use but you will obviously need some time to learn the back-end interface, the know how of choosing the correct plugins and setting them up. A common problem with first time designers is not designing a website for speed from the start, this is crucial to even get visitors on your website, not to mention having a clean layout to keep visitors.

What we do for you!

We do a complete server side setup with theme loading if you already have one in mind.

DIY website Design package

Details about the DIY Design package

  • For the first year your top level domain like a .com,, or .net are included free of charge. We will procure the domain name and update your DNS (Domain Name Servers) records. (Value R500)
    FYI: Most domains will need to be renewed yearly. If you purchase a domain yourself we will not give any discount as the same amount of work are done.
  • Installing WordPress CMS onto said URL. (Value R300)
  • cPanel setup involves ensuring the server has compression enabled, the necessary security software installed and the inclusion of a once off unlimited e-mail accounts creation. (Value R500)
  • CDN setup. Cloudflare free CDN service is added when hosting through us. (Value R400)

 Total value of the package is: R1700

Your Price: R1200

Hosting costs R960 per year through us on a lightning fast VPServer!
One weekly server backup included!
You can also acquire your own web hosting.

See the optional *Backup, Support and Maintenance page.

*Required to keep your website running optimally. 

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