E-Commerce Website Design Package

Who is this package for?

The E-Commerce Website Design package is for the person who wants to reach an online audience with their products and/or services. 

You are the person who are either creating your own products or make use of affiliate products to sell online. You are serious about pushing volumes and are not just selling 1 or 2 products or services. Volume is key! Otherwise either the Business or Business Blog packages will suit you better.

What we do for you!

We do the complete server side techie setup of your website while installing tried and tested required functionality plugins that can automate routine activities.
The key to having a successful online shop is to have a fully functional website, easy layout with easy payment options. An online shop must be FAST, it should load within 3 seconds (dependent on internet speeds) especially if you sell generic products.

E-Commerce online shop website design package

Details about The E-Commerce Website Design Package

  • We include everything in the DIY Design package: Procuring your URL, installing WordPress and ensuring compression and security is enabled. (Value $110)
  • The shop layout will be functional and easy to navigate to see products, shipping costs etc. (Value $90)
  • 20 Products loaded with images, descriptions, shipping information and payment links. (Value $110)
  • Relevant plugins to enhance use-ability and automate routine activities. (Value $70)
  • An Online Shop should load very quickly, otherwise potential clients will navigate away and spend their money elsewhere. There are many ways to increase website load speed, minify resources, cache plugin, gzip compression, image sizes and the design must be lightweight to begin with. (Value $120)
  • We include 20 edited core images that are usually used for product images, a slider or banner area with a once-off unlimited upload of other images to be used on your site. (Value $110)
  • Your own IP Address. One time setup. (Value $20)
  • A strategy call of a total of 40 minutes via Skype, Viber or Whatsapp are included in order for us to know exactly what your plans are with your Business website. (Value $60)

Value of Package: $690
Values are used as an indication and will be adjusted according to your design needs.

*POA: Price on Application.
Quoted price will be final & could easily be less than value of package.

Hosting costs $190 per year through us on a lightning fast VPServer!
Hosting includes monthly IP address fee.
One weekly server backup included!
You can also acquire your own web hosting.

See the optional *Backup, Support and Maintenance page.

*Required to keep your website running optimally. 

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