Effective Marketing Tools for Holistic & Health Practitioners

Wouldn’t you be more inclined to visit a holistic or alternative health practitioner that was recommended by a friend? Or maybe a practitioner who’s website, articles, webinars, YouTube video’s or talks you have been following for a while? I am sure this greatly increases the probability for you to book a session.
That is why, what I will give to you today is so important for growing and establishing you and your business or practice in a sustainable way for future growth.

Effective tools for Marketing

At first your clients may be sourced from the internet and other online sources like Facebook or Twitter, which will then lead them to your website, where you must make sure that everything is in place to keep them coming back for more. If they like what they see they would want to signup to your newsletter or leave a comment and connect on social media too. An active reader or follower would most likely lead to a happy client/patient and further lead to positive word of mouth marketing.

Firstly, I will give you the marketing tools that you should not spend effort and money on, but only at first or maybe even ever… The advice is especially true for holistic and other health practitioners that rely on their identity to attract more patients or clients.

Magazine or Newspaper ads: It costs a lot of money while not being so effective. Word of Mouth is much more effective; rather tell existing clients they get a 20-50% discount with every referral. If you cannot give some discount you’re not asking enough.

Business Card: Time consuming & wasteful. Rather get the persons e-mail and add them to the mailing list.

Brochure’s / Posters: Wasteful and time consuming. Again rather make use of Word of Mouth referral; tell existing clients they get a 20-50% discount with every referral or whatever other genius idea you can think of.

Logo: Certainly not needed until much later, just a name will do at first. The logo changes almost 100% of the time within the first year. Your logo is not what will sell your service, it is certainly the rest of the suggestions below.

Rather spend more time and money on your BIO, a photo and your website.

Bio or About profile: With services / holistic practitioners you are your service, the service you provide cannot exist without you! That is why a lot of effort will need to be placed into doing it right. Potential clients will want to see why they need to spend their hard earned money on you, they want to read up on you before they put trust into you and make that purchase. They would like to see what is your knowledge, how good you are by listing what you have done or what ailments you have cured or what emotional issues you have helped people overcome.

The BIO should reflect who you are, your quirk, warmth, humanity and why you do what you do –  no lies, then it is right. If it doesn’t, rewrite until it captures your essence, remember you are selling yourself and not the service you provide. Your service being it Reiki or Acupuncture is just the tool or method you use to get the ACTUAL RESULT people need and come to you for.

Photo: You must have a photo that is recent, People want to see your eyes and make a connection. It must be a good photo, a bad photo is even worse than having none.

Get a pro photographer to capture the real you, put the best photos on Facebook and see if your friends think and says that it really describes who you are, then use that photo.

Website: You must have a website, it is the only place where people can get to know you  without meeting you in person. It is the only place where potential clients can do some research on you and see if you are legit and perfect for their needs. A website is basically the new business card and brochure combined. It is the face of your practice or business!

When the website is done, have friends look at it and ask for their honest opinion & advice.
The website should be clear on what your service is about, who or what kind of people you work with, what problems you solve and what results you are producing for clients or patients.


More specific marketing materials that showcases your skills and knowledge that should/can be added to your website:Effective Marketing Tools for Holistic, Health & Alternative Medicine Practitioners

  • Article writing: Take this article for example, I watched Tad’s video (3 pieces of Holistic Practitioner Marketing Collateral-added below), liked it and now I am writing this information based of his knowledge with some added knowledge I have learned as a website designer and online business owner.
    Article writing may not bring the cash in, but it is super important to let clients know that you know what you are talking about while keeping yourself up to date with further research in your field.
  • YouTube video’s: Let’s take a Reiki Teacher for example, they could create a video on teaching you to feel the energy flow in your hands and also explain how energy works and why anyone can do it. Once you start practicing the techniques and feel the energy flow, wouldn’t you be more inclined to take the course?
  • Webinars or Radio Talks could be recorded and transcribed where it can be used as a free e-Book or mp3 giveaway as a thank you for subscribing to your newsletter.

The opportunities are endless, be creative and have fun! This is a Pinterest Image, Pin It to make it easier to find next time!


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Here is the YouTube video from Tad Hargrave who is a genius with marketing. We make use of Tad’s principles with our marketing strategies. Get his free e-book which is a must read for every entrepreneur, not only holistic businesses.  http://marketingforhippies.com/

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