Website Backup, Support & Maintenance Plans

Website, Backup, Support and Maintenance

Firstly, Why do your website need regular backups, ongoing maintenance & support?

Off server backups are needed due to unforeseen problems like fire could occur with a host and all data can be lost. Your website must be saved offline to prevent full data loss.

Weekly server backups are done to prevent loss of data, hackers might get into your database and scramble it up, thus loading a backup could restore all data.

WordPress plugins get monthly updates that need to be updated due to security flaws in some of them that could put your website and its content under threat from attackers or spammers.

Replacement of outdated or unsupported plugins with newly developed plugins is crucial in maintaining a functioning website and an enjoyable user experience. Outdated and unsupported plugins like TinyMCE could affect a websites use-ability.

Theme updates does not occur as often as plugin updates but sometimes it does and the same goes for themes as with plugins with security issues that could arise. Updates could enhance functionality and bugs could be exterminated in updated versions.

WordPress updates are the actual CMS software update where WordPress will add functionality to the platform and make it even quicker to serve your website to search engines and iron out bugs and increase built-in functionality and security.

Responsiveness checks are done after theme and plugin updates to ensure your website are mobile device compatible.

Broken Link checks are done regularly to ensure a seamless user experience.

Security checks are done to ensure your database and e-mail accounts are safe from attackers

With this all said, you can now see the importance of keeping your website as a whole up to date with the latest software available. You can also update and backup everything yourself, do remember that backups and updates are especially important!

FYI: Not too long ago, a paid plugin had a security flaw where hackers could get into your server and steal whatever they wanted, even copy the full content of your server. Updates are crucial!

The Solution:

Our Website Backup, Support and Maintenance Plan is a cost effective way to keep your website updated and working efficiently for visitors and you.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that your important business asset, is secure and running smoothly.

The Website Backup, Support and Maintenance plan are optional and should be added as an extra on top of hosting (hosting + maintenance). Please continue reading to see the importance of a secure and well-maintained website, google is also full of reading material on “why you should keep your website updated”. Click here for a quick google search.
One of the many benefits of a WordPress website is that you can do most of this yourself with little tech know-how, but it will take time to learn!

Websites HOSTED by us: $140 annually
Self-Hosted Websites: $240 annually

The Website Backup, Support and Maintenance plan includes:

  • 1 Monthly Off-Server Website Backup
  • Once Weekly Server Backups
  • Current Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Replace outdated/unsupported plugins with newly developed plugins @ $35 p.hour
  • Responsiveness checks
  • Security Check
  • WordPress Updates
  • Support via Email (incur extra costs for technical work)
Website, Backup, Support and Maintenance