Why you need to get your Website Pinterest ready

Start using Pinterest today, It is so important to get your website Pinterest ready too!

By saying this I mean to have images in a post and every single other page that readers can pin to their Pinterest boards. If there is no image, it is not easily pin-able.

Here is how!

Before publishing an article/ blog post make sure to add the featured image to each article/ blog post, but add it manually like you would do any other image. Or make sure there is another image that represents/ explains the article.

Infographics is also a really good way to provide more detail about a web page/ article. Start creating Infographics and using them to attract more re-pins, here’s a few sites that you can use for free to create Infographics, enjoy!.

Getting your website Pinterest Ready

Why Pinterest?
When a reader chooses to pin an article, they then choose an image to represent that specific article/page on a Pinterest board created by them. So, it then makes sense to add the featured image (that usually has the title or short description of the content of the article/page) to the article.
The more descriptive that image is of the article, the more likely others are to re-pin it to their own boards and ultimately read or view your post/page.
Pinterest do add the title and description at the bottom of a pinned image, but the more visually interesting your image are the more interest you will attract that could certainly lead to more re-pins.

Example to explain Pinterest further, because it is a little different to other Social Media Platforms and another approach should be taken to market your business.

Let’s for a moment see Pinterest as you would any other social media marketing platform. Say I am browsing through Facebook or Twitter and you have not shared your article to Facebook/Twitter, I will then not find your article to read or share to my friends or followers, right? Easy one!
This should tell you that it is crucial not to only make your articles ready for Pinterest but you should also start using Pinterest to Pin your own articles.

Pinterest is a great social media tool to expand your reach and maybe even tap into a market segment you probably did not have or even knew existed.

Good Image

Pinterest board example

Bali Islands of the Gods written on the image still does not explain exactly what you will find inside the article. It might be enticing to see what the article is about, but it might not make you pin or click to the article.

Bad Image

Pinterest Board

Good example of a Bad Image. The logo of My Web Wizzard does not explain anything about the page that has been pinned, nor does the description.

Better Image

Pinterest board example

The Miggo agua camera bag is another example of a good image on a page, but the image still do not explain what type of bag it is. Only when you read the description you then see that it is a camera bag.

I just hate it when I want to pin a post and my only option is between the BIO image, a statistics image or even the logo like the W. This happens on most websites out there. This should make you understand that an image is necessary for others to know what is

Let us get back to HOW Pinterest works on your site.
Did you know your theme can add featured images automatically?
Some themes do not have the option built in. Luckily this one does, but I still choose to add it manually.

Want to add the featured image automatically?
Go to your WordPress Dashboard, then Settings – Blog Options and tick the Show Featured Image box (if you have it). If there is not a box available, your theme does not support it, sorry.

Reason why you want the featured image added automatically, for one: you have a lot of articles already, if so, I suggest using the WordPress plugin: jQuery Pin It Button for Images, install & activate.
The jQuery Pin it Button WordPress plugin could make featured images pin-able, it worked for us, hopefully for your too.
The benefit of adding the featured image manually allows me to add it wherever I want inside the article and adjust the size too.

Why I say Pinterest is important for business purposes?
It is like saying: Why is social media important? Pinterest is one of the social media platforms any business must use, even if you do not have a website.

• Pinterest is also a great archive tool that can be used to refer to information later, think of Pinterest like using bookmarks with pretty images neatly organised into separate boards.
• A Pinterest board could be created to gather information relevant to specific interest you, readers or clients might have.
• Others can follow a specific board of yours and repin to their own board, and
• Others can follow your account and get notifications when you create new pins or boards.

A Pinterest board can be seen as a one page website with information from different sources, all in one place.

Pinterest best example image

STRAB Music Festival in Mozambique is a better example. As you can see, just looking at the image explains exactly what the article is about. Then if a person is interested they will read through the description of the pinned image.

As with this image, the alternative text of the image are being pulled through as the description below the image.
This stresses the importance of always adding your alt text, description and editing the image title.

A few examples of how we make use of Pinterest for our websites.

We use Pinterest for My Web Wizzard to get our own content out there and it is a place where other informative media are pinned for us to refer to, our clients to find and others to follow and re-pin.

Our Website Design board we post only relevant information to website design like for example: blogging info and tips, cheat sheets on social media image dimensions, our own and other quality relevant articles, website or online business marketing info, WordPress plugins, etc. etc.

Link to My Web Wizzard Website Design Board: Pinterest Website Design Board

Using Pinterest for Business?
Create a board, share it with others which enables them to pin related stuff too.

You can even create a business account for Pinterest too, click here.
Sell stuff on Pinterest, check it out! Click here.

Pinterest is awesome and I am very glad I was pushed to start using it, not only for business related purposes but also for personal stuff to enhance my life and to have a quick reference to related information, did I mention it is visually appealing too?

More reading on how to effectively market your Pinterest boards.
Social Media Examiner written by Julia McCoy.

SEO by Yoast Pinterest Meta Data

SEO & Pinterest with rich meta data.

Go into your SEO by Yoast plugin and add your Pinterest account in the Social media tab, add your other social media accounts too. Validating your rich meta data allows sites to build media rich sharing links that contain information, media and data that is relevant to the link the to activate your Pinterest account open Graph meta data for Google purposes.

I hope this will convince you to start using Pinterest, it has really made my life a little simpler by just finding interesting stuff again. Enjoy!

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