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Websites Designed by us portfolio image is a sub-directory website created from the main domain This can easily be done with any website and saves costs on domain name purchases. You can add as many subdomains as needed. firstly started out as a Online Reiki course site where Leanne wanted and did take her Reiki course to the online community.

The site has now developed into a place where she also explains, advertises and sells her personal sessions namely:

  • Iris Mapping & Healing Session.
  • High Vibrational Healing Sessions using Reiki and other powerful healing arts.
  • Emotional Healing Session to remove blockages.

The site was certainly created with a course type website in mind that has the following functionality:

  • Sign up forms.
  • Members only area.
  • Payment Gateways.
  • Rating systems.
  • Lesson Attachments and lesson support systems.
  • Q&A’s, Quizzes etc.

Visit the website here.

Acupuncture Detox was designed for a new Aurical Acupuncture business that opened it’s doors in January 2016. We did the photography ourselves as we had some Acupuncture needles lying around that we use on ourselves.

We made use of our “OHM page formula” to create a clearer picture for who the treatment are and this in turn created the awareness for Richard to get clearer on who his clients are.

He opted for the Business website design package.
Although it is just a one pager type website, the links in the menu bar still works and navigate to the relevant areas on the website when clicked.

The reason for the image having an overlay of the main photo, is that all photos we used where inserted as a parallax background. Parallax means that the photo is in the background and the text scrolls over it while scrolling down, thus causing the overlapping effect as can be seen in the image to the left.

Visit the website to appreciate, here.

Website Design Portfolio for Acupuncture Detox
Portfolio Website Design was built for a friend of ours who dreamed of having his own restaurant and thought of this brilliant idea to serve healthy “fast food” with flavours from all over. It is simply a brilliant business plan and franchises are rolling out soon.

He also opted for the Business Website Design Package, as it is only a way to get the business online without mentioning other social media marketing sites.

The functionality includes:

  • a Header slider that displays few images of meals with text overlay. Words cannot describe how it looks like, visit the site to really appreciate it.
  • Parallax backgrounds.
  • Food Menu’s on top of the parallax photo backgrounds.
  • Embedded map of their exact location.
  • Menu download capabilities to keep on your phone with suggestions to save the menu as the 10Street contact picture.
  • Embedded Instagram portfolio displaying the latest photo’s, as Instagram is their most used social media tool.

Click here to visit the site. (view it on your laptop or PC to get the full picture) 

Lucy is a young aspiring artist. She needed a blogging framework where she could express her musical and writing talents. She opted for The Blogger Website package.

We will be working with Lucy in the future to help her with a vision for her blog to get her going in the right direction. Visit website here.

Lucy Toons
Lalapanzi Hotel Portfolio

Lalapanzi Hotel and conference center is a family owned business. Lalapanzi felt their current website was out dated and does not fully respond to all devices. As management focus most of their time on operations, not much time is left for online marketing.

Lalapanzi opted for The Business Website Package as it will be used for online advertising and to create automation.

Lalapanzi’s Facebook page is their most active online marketing tool. We decided to use the website in conjunction with their Facebook page. We implemented a feed of their Facebook page to showcase their latest events and specials. We also added extra functionality to the wedding and function page to make function requests seamless. We did rebuild the entire website on the latest design software. This gave the website a modern and elegant look to portray their business. You can visit the website here.

Explore Taste Travel was our own website where we shared travel and food experiences. As of February 2016 we sold it to TriMedia and hopefully they will do something good with it.

Explore Taste Travel had just about all the functionality any blogging, news or magazine type website should have. The ease of use and functionality was:

  • Newsletter subscription pop up, that could be used for any other Social media tool like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Travel, Destination, Food, Tech and Afrikaans language categories where perfectly sorted out.
  • Sticky sidebar widgets for affiliate bookings and newsletter sign up.
  • Our photography skills improved significantly while having the site and sharing photo’s from all over.
  • DIY Travel Bookings where we received affiliate income from hotel and flight bookings.
  • Full HD video’s shot and edited by us to enhance articles with more visuals other than photography.
  • The list is endless about the amount of skills we learned by running a multi-faceted and dynamic website like this.

Visit the website here. If it is still in play.

Portfolio Image of designed website Explore Taste Travel

Erika is a solo-entrepreneur who started out as a hobby birthday cake baker. Her passion caused her to quickly become the most well-known and creatively skilled baker in her community. Her unique cake designs caught the attention of people in the surrounding cities.

She needed a website for a cake baking competition she was a finalist of. We couldn’t resist creating a cute interactive design with animation and sliders. She already had the logo and we needed to build a website around that theme. Visit the website here.

Directory.Wellness Awake is a wellness directory with articles on living healthy and abundantly. Leanne shares her passion for cooking, healthy recipes and other holistic articles. Although she always finds an excuse to do more designing, she regularly enrolls in new exciting courses while also constantly reading up on holistic medicine and ways to improve not only herself but her clients too. Visit site here.

Wellness Awake
XLPdoc website

XLP is a business in the capital of Limpopo in South Africa, they supply printers and other document solutions with machine maintenance. This is one of our older designs built for functionality. They required a simple website that had the functionality of showcasing their products and specials that is easy to use to update product sales specials continuously by themselves. A call logging option was built in for clients to report faulty machinery.

We provided XLP with one-on-one training and video material on how to update pages and products on their website. We also created a page that can be used without accessing the back end to easily update specials on products. Visit website here.

Online Career Wizz was a DIY design package where we did the server setup, loaded the theme and demo content, and the rest was up to them.

Portfolio Online Career Wizz

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