Why the need to figure out your passion?!

Do not start that website/ blog for the wrong reasons!

This might come as a shock to you or just a confirmation that you are going in the right direction of starting that online business/ blog.

Find your passion online business website

Many of us grew up thinking that we have to make make money and that is the only important thing.

Some of us believed this, and this might have lead to you ending up in a place where you have money but feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Or even worse having no money and being unhappy.

It is a good thing! You just learned what you don’t like, this can help you figure out what you do like…

Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with making lots of money, as long as it truly makes you happy.

For in case you don’t know, happiness is the purpose of life!

So what about skipping the middle man and going straight for what makes you happy.

The Irony is if you really do what makes you happy, money is an automatic by product.

Think about how many people that you know are doing something that they truly enjoy and making loads of money.

A real-life example written by Reinardt:

This is what I have experienced and saw happen in my hometown Louis Trichardt in South Africa. It might clarify thoughts on why it is not good making decisions from a space of need.

I was still in high school which where roundabout 1997 and a person opened a sound installation business and obviously being the first business in this small town that does sound installations, a straight forward business isn’t it?

Well most of the people in town thought he was a bit mad to quit his job and put all his savings into a sound installation business.  Well, they were all wrong and he still exists today and is doing better than ever, it is now 2015 and he is still going strong and added dish installations and vehicle tracking installations etc.

Some of you might say it is because he was the first one in town and he quickly build up relationships or had a head start. In this case, no! He actually loved doing it, and added more services that involve installation of electronic equipment.

Now for the other side of the story
About 6 months after he opened his sound installation business another business opened doing exactly the same. This person had a good location, right at a busy filling station with lots of parking and working space, as you will need it for car sound installation services.

But, as it happened, he closed shop about 3 or 4 months after opening up. Why, did he close up? Many reasons could be the problem, here is the most likely:

He saw the other shop is doing well and he want to get some of that before someone else also jumps in.

– He was probably looking to make a quick buck or two, maybe he did, but is that the way you would like to do it? After that failure you would have to go back to your old job or search for a new one. After all of that effort of starting a business and investing many sleepless nights into it… No, that is not how I would like it to be!
– His heart was not in it, and your clients will see that, they will notice it in the quality of your work and maybe even with the advice you give.

He did not do the business because it was his passion to do sound installations and work inside cars, he did it because someone else are doing it and thriving, and probably thought that if he could get just a quarter of the business he could also do well.

But hey, surprise surprise, if you do not like doing it and just doing it for the sake of making money you will hate it even more than your current job.

Starting your own business is not always an easy thing, so if you are going to work hard at doing something it might as well be something you love.

We all know that saying: if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.

Some ways to help you find your passion!

Here I have a few ways for you to find your passion, or at least get closer to finding it!

Don’t filter your thoughts it might be something that sounds too simple or not possible to do as a career.

  • What do you like reading about?
  • What types of magazines do you like reading?
  • If you read a newspaper or magazine which sections interest you the most?
  • What type of pages do you like on Facebook?
  • Who do you follow on Twitter?
  • What do the people or pages write about that interests you on Facebook or Twitter?
  • What games did you play when you were younger?
  • What did you love most doing as a child?
  • What are you known for in your circle of friends?
  • What makes you loose track of time?
  • What do you do with no effort?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What will you do regardless if you are being paid for it or not?

The most prevalent topic is most probably your passion. As you can see you are already reading the very topic that interests you.

Now, research that and see what you can do to make some income from your interest.

This quote by Howard Thurman is definitely something to remember when you decide your life path.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

If you couldn’t figure your interest out with the above questions, just remember to be more conscious when you read or notice something that interests you. It is important to note that its not necessarily one thing for the rest of your life (how boring would that be) as long as you are going in the direction of what makes you happy right now and not the opposite way.

I hope this will help you find your passion and create that life we all long for.

Follow the link for another perspective on finding your passion. It is where I got the quote.

About Leanne Schmidt

After working and qualifying as Chartered Accountant, she followed her dream to travel, and do something meaningful. Learning how to use the web to do this came naturally. Combining her aptitude for technology, business knowledge, love for artistic expression, and a designing obsession her passion is to help others do the same. Also being a Reiki Teacher playing a part in helping people align with their desires is in line with her own. Multiple destinations later Leanne is still traveling while being a Owner and co – owner of online business which continuously pushes her to learn more and reach higher.

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